Psychological Health Across the Lifepsan



Coping Strategies for All Ages


Lifespan Associates

Located in Bergen County NJ, we are a group practice dedicated to helping individuals develop the skills to resolve interpersonal and psychological issues.

Life presents challenges at all stages; children, adolescents and adults may need help to develop and implement new coping strategies.

Our mission is to promote wellness and to help individuals gather the resources necessary to become more satisfied with their lives.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

We specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy across the lifespan. This type of therapy is action –oriented, solution-focused, and often shorter in duration than more traditional types of therapy. Individuals learn how to modify thoughts and behaviors that may be interfering with their psychological health and well being.

Our clients are actively involved in setting treatment goals and evaluating the effectiveness of the therapy experience. When working with our child patients, we involve parents in goal setting and coaching children at home.


We are well versed in many aspects of psychological adjustment including…

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Social and relational difficulties
  • Medical illness
  • Child and adolescent behavioral management
  • School consultation
  • Job related issues
  • General stress reduction