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As a consumer of psychological services, you retain the following rights:

  • The right to know the training and qualifications of your doctor such as: degrees, licenses, specialized training.
  • The right to know and to participate in setting the goals of therapy.
  • The right to know the progress made toward these goals during the course of therapy.
  • The right to know and to participate in the establishment of the treatment plan.
  • The right, as a competent adult, to refuse treatment for yourself or your child.
  • The right to terminate therapy or refuse to participate in research, at any time, without prejudice.
  • The right to obtain a second opinion from a qualified professional.
  • The right to give feedback, at any time, to your doctor.
  • The right to know the rationale for treatment decisions.
  • The right to complete confidentiality [except in circumstances when express written permission is given by the patient or parent, or if: (1) the patient threatens to harm him/herself, (2) the patient threatens to harm another and identifies that individual, (3) there is suspicion of child abuse at any time.]


This list is meant to inform, but is by no means exhaustive. You also have the right to investigate with qualified sources any further rights you may have. In New Jersey, licensed professionals are monitored by the State Board of Psychological Examiners and must adhere to the ethical guidelines established by the Board. Professional societies, such as the American Psychological Association also provide guidelines of conduct for psychologists.

You are encouraged to resolve any issues directly with your doctor. However, the above organizations are available to you in the event that a resolution is not reached to your satisfaction.

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