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Individual therapy

We provide individual psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Our doctors are specially trained to provide cognitive-behavioral assessment and treatment and our approach to many issues is practical and solution oriented.


We often field questions from individuals who are uncertain as to whether psychotherapy is necessary. We provide consultation in our office to determine whether one or more sessions of psychotherapy could be helpful or if a referral to another type of service provider may be indicated. If needed, we collaborate with other service providers to ensure continuity of care.

School Consultation

When appropriate, we review school documents and assessments, and accompany parents to 504 and IEP meetings. In addition we provide consultation to teachers by parent request, teacher training, and staff in-services on a variety of childhood and adolescent issues that may impact functioning in the school setting.

Parent Training

Many parents benefit from a discussion of strategies for the behavioral management of their children. This process may include identifying problematic areas for intervention, developing an understanding of behavioral triggers, creating a consistent plan for parents to enact, and following behavioral improvement over time. We are flexible in our approach and parents may choose between regular appointments or occasional consultation when needed.

Peak Performance Training

Sport and performance training is the study of mental and psychological processes during physical activities, playing sports, and open performance. Such training addresses the enhancement of peak functioning in athletes and persons who perform such as executives/managers, teachers, musicians and singers, etc. Techniques used to hone and perfect performance include cognitive-behavioral methods such as imagery and hypnosis, in-the-field realistic assessment and mental training.

Lifespan Associates offers comprehensive Sport and Performance Psychology services for athletes and performers of all ability levels. Lifespan professionals are also available for presentations, workshops, and consultation to schools, organizations, coaches/teachers, conservatories, and ongoing arrangements with professional sport teams and athletes.

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